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Trading and supplying oil&gas products is where we have our strengths, arising from thousands of personal relations across
the oil and gas industries.

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Fahad Al-Rashid Enterprise is a business company with different activities and business sectors copes with the world’s needs and a management team professionalism. The company is established in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia in 2009 and is a trader forrefined and crude oil and gas supply international trade, oil brokerage, storage etc.

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Today, We’re is leading the race for better global oil&gas supply and we offer extended support

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Policy reflects our belief in building relationships through honesty
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We offer our customers the industry’s most services in all parts of the world. Our strong relationship enables us prominent market positions in niche markets

The Company

The Head-Quarter Office is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and has presence’s and subsidiaries in Nigeria, Gulf,Europe, Malaysia, and Kazakhstan

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